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Title:   Antone's: Home of the Blues
Director:   Dan Karlok
Year:   2004
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.04.06

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08.04.06Netflix Doc about the club and the guy that runs it that has become a landmark blues spot in Austin and around the world. Particularly now because Clifford Antone's gone, but this was shot a few years before that. I'm not a huge blues guy, not because I don't like the music but more because I've never really been schooled on the subject. It's a genre much like Jazz for me that's so deep and rich and struck in history that it's a pretty heavy pool to take a cannonball into. A lot of the names sound familiar but I don't connect any of them with sounds or songs... so in that regard this was pretty cool for me because they dug up video of each one of these guys playing... so not only did I get up on what all Antone did but I also got a pretty good idea of what alot of these guys did that makes them so cool.

It's sort of familiar to the Z-Chennel doc for me... Antone along with the Z-Channel guy strikes me as a dude who's passionate about something that he always thought was cool but popular mainstream audiences for whatever reason wasn't. And of course time catches up with them and the few fans that they had from the beginning have gone on to great things. The only difference is it's blues instead of director's cuts of films and forgotten gems of cinema.

Anyway, this is a pretty good doc...sort of like a primer for the Austin blues scene.
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