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Title:   The Falling Man
Director:   Emilio Miraglia
Year:   1968
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.12.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
08.12.06Friend's House TJ's Bon Voyage. After scarfing down some Frosty Paws and watching Eric's spliced-together reels of TV spots and trailers, we watched this Italian crime flick starring Henry Silva.

After some random shots of cars driving in San Francisco, Silva walks up to a door and gets shot. As he falls the frames slow down and we jump into random flashbacks of his son getting killed and whatnot. We follow the story of what led him up to this one particular doorway that he's falling through... single or double frames of this shot of him falling are interspersed throughout the film. Seriously, it happens like 30 times. Randomly placed... in the middle of scenes or whatever it just flashes on him mid-fall. It'd make a pretty good drinking game if any of us watching actually drank.

It's not just the falling man frames though... some scenes are cut so badly that I feel like there were minutes missing. Others, like single frame inserts of his son's face, come at wildly random times. There's leader inserted presumably for commercials so maybe the film was just butchered for the TV print (even though there's a scene in a strip club with a secon'd worth of nipple) or maybe some film student got his hands on this at some point and decided to have some fun... or maybe the director's just schizo.

The score was also interesting. It's early electronic so it was basically either long-sustaining high-pitched tones or random bleeps and bloops... mix that with psychadelic Haigh Ashbury rock and late 60s pop... all over the place.

The most notable part of this movie for me was how big Luciano Rossi's part was. He still got manhandled and abused then killed but... he had lines and more than one scene and lots of screen time... will have to ask Kier-La about it!

so... I guess I'm glad that I can say I've seen this or whatever, but I didn't really have a good time with it at all... a fish in the sea of crappy low-budget flicks that make the good ones really stand apart.
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