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Marchesa (16 screenings)
Date Viewed Movie
02.19.14 White Dog
02.12.14 Valley Girl
02.05.14 Veronika Voss
01.29.14The King of Comedy
12.08.13 Matewan
10.25.13 Tales from the Quadead Zone
10.25.13 Black Devil Doll from Hell
07.19.13 Viva Maria!
07.18.13The Sex Cycle
07.12.13 Lola Montes
06.29.13 Forced to Fight
06.29.13 Invincible Armour
06.29.13 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
06.28.13The Victim
06.28.13The Mystery of Chess Boxing
05.16.13 Rulers of the City