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Music Monday (35 screenings)
Date Viewed Movie
09.22.08 Road to Hell
09.22.08 Streets of Fire
06.25.07 Nashville Girl
06.18.07 Here We Come
06.04.07La Brune et Moi
05.07.07 We Were Never Here
04.23.07The Magic Christian
04.09.07 Times Square
03.19.07 8-Bit
03.05.07The Legendary Joe Meek
02.19.07 Liquid Vinyl
02.05.07 Air Guitar Nation
01.29.07 Melody
01.08.07 Lost Vegas: The Lounge Era
12.11.06 Danielson: A Family Movie
11.27.06 Bronco Bullfrog
11.06.06 Radio On
10.30.06 Hillbillys in a Haunted House
10.16.06 You're Gonna Miss Me
08.28.06 Bunny Lake is Missing
08.08.06 Urgh! A Music War
06.05.06The Fall: The Wonderful Frightening World of Mark E. Smith
05.22.06 High and Dry
05.15.06 Radio Revolution: The Rise and Fall of the Big 8
03.29.06 TV Party
03.06.06 Let's Rock Again
02.27.06 Candy
02.20.06 930 F Street
02.06.06 New York Doll
01.23.06 Put the Needle on the Record
01.09.06The Shield Around the K
12.05.05 Sound Unbound: Developments in Late 20th Century Jazz Volume One
11.23.05 Voodoo Rhythm: The Gospel of Primitive Rock n Roll
11.07.05The T.A.M.I. Show
10.17.05 Rock & Roll Invaders: The AM Radio DJs